Cueword supply a range of on camera equipment for use in the studio and in the field.

The OC15 is the standard LCD display system for studio and production house use. The mounting hardware is adjustable to accommodate various lens/camera/tripod combinations, with adaptor plates for both film and ENG, or the larger OB-type cameras.

The reduced size of the unit minimizes any mounting and operational problems with existing studio equipment. The reduced weight of the LCD display enables the unit to be mounted on lightweight tripods.

The LCD display is a standard off the shelf computer monitor.

An 11 inch flat bed display system, the OCL-11 uses the latest gas plasma technology to produce light output up to four times that of other displays.


The OCL-7 display system, with similar specifications to the OCL-11, is specifically designed for ENG and is particularly suitable for outdoor use. Even with direct sunlight falling on the screen the display is quite readable.

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