The CUEWORD user interface is a single window divided into multiple panes.

Text can be rolled from almost anywhere. If a story in the Index is rolled then just that one story is rolled. If a story in the Run Order is rolled then that story and all following stories are rolled. If roll is initiated in the editor then text from the current cursor position is rolled.

Stories may be moved or copied from the run order or index to other folders. Stories may also be imported from other applications or other folders.

Folders may be marked as refreshed. If any changes are made to the folder by another application then those changes will be incorporated into CUEWORD as soon as they are made. This is particularly useful if the folder is on a network

Full support for many newsroom systems is provided. The newsroom system integrates seamlessly into CUEWORD. Any changes made within the newsroom system are reflected almost immediately in CUEWORD. Changes can include editing a story, adding or deleting a story and changing the order of stories within the rundown.

Connection may be via LAN, WAN, serial (RS232), Telnet, FTP or MOS technology

CLOSED CAPTIONING: CUEWORD will output an RS232 data stream that may be used by a closed caption inserter.

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